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Vaginal Ring for sale | Buy Nuvaring online

Nuvaring contraceptive ring is a flexible plastic ring, which is inserted in the vagina as a means of contraception or birth control. This has proven to be an effective means to keep a check on unwanted pregnancy with approximately 1.5 million women currently using it as a contraceptive worldwide. Nuvaring works by releasing a continuous low dose of the two hormones: progestin and estrogen. Once inserted, it can be used for three weeks in continuity. 

Working mechanisms

Nuvaring prevents ovulation like any other method of contraception by releasing the two hormones as mentioned above. Another action mechanism of Nuvaring is inhibiting the sperm penetration by changing the cervical mucus. The ring releases 120 µg of progestin (etonogestrel) and 15 µg of estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) for each day of its usage. The ring is used for a period of three weeks, and then removed for one week during which the woman experiences her menstrual cycle. This break of a week is similar to the placebo week of inert pills in the birth control procedure of oral contraceptives.
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Smoking should be avoided by women using Nuvaring. Also women who are heart patients, blood pressure patients and have symptoms of neurological disorders must also seek their doctor’s consultation before using Nuvaring. Pregnant women or women with suspected pregnancy must also avoid using Nuvaring. Women allergic to any components of Nuvaring should also avoid its use.

Nuvaring Contraceptive Ring Side-effects

Users of Nuvaring experience none or very rare side-effects with the use of the ring. The rarely occurring side-effects are: headache, nausea, respiratory infection, sinusitis, weight changes, etc. When the users experience these adverse effects, they must immediately consult a doctor to check whether usage of nuvaring is suitable for them as per their medical history.

Nuvaring is an easy, convenient and once-a-month self-administered contraception method that has to be just inserted in the vagina once a month. If inserted with care and at the appropriate position, it doesn’t let the person even feel it. And even if it is felt, people do not object to the same as it quite comfortable. Along with being flexible, it also offers the benefit of keeping birth control a private affair.


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